About GetYourIDX

GetYourIDX is an online real estate IDX service, allowing website’s to provide IDX data searches direct from your web site. We don’t believe in fixed monthly fees and charge you only for what you use.

Register an account to get access to our IDX data feeds. Use our free, open-source plugin’s to major blog and content management systems to add IDX functionality to your web site. You can have multiple websites using the same GetYourIDX feed. You simply pay for what you use.

Using GetYourIDX is really simple:

  1. Register a user account
  2. Subscribe to an IDX feed
  3. Download and Install the correct plug-in for your website
  4. Customize the plugin to your requirements

Please note that your usage of the service constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service.

If you have any further questions, email info@getyouridx.com