Status of GetYourIDX (November)

It's been another hectic month here at GetYourIDX HQ. This month has mainly been about cleaning up some of the code that powers the service and making things go as fast as they can.

So what's new?

  • The biggest thing people will notice is we have been slowly refining the design of the website. We decided to use Blueprint CSS which makes the site work across more browsers. We are also in the process of refining how images are served by combining small images (mainly the icons) into bugger files and then doing CSS trickery to display the correct image. 
  • We completely rewrote the Importers in Python, the first importers where written in PHP and each importer was completely independent from each other but now we have a pretty robust framework for the importers allowing us to take advantage of multi-threading but the main advantage is its now a lot faster for us to bring new feeds online and the imports require a lot less testing than they did with the old importers.
  • We found an excellent service called which we have decided to use for our billing system. Their service allows us to concentrate on our service rather than spend countless hours implementing the billing portions. Thanks to them we have more hours freed up to work on the core business rather than the extra internal tools which are required from a business point of view.

One of the developers we have been working with has recently brought online the first live web site using GetYourIDX data. Kim Nickerson, a realtor in Jacksonville, Florida now provides Property Search to her visitors using the GetYourIDX wordpress plug-in.

We have been experimenting with the Map Search feature and more information will be made available probably via a different blog post as it is quite an in depth topic.

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